Terms and Conditions


 (1) The submission of a booking for the Kodōsai Cultural Event (whether in paper format or online) binds all parties to these terms and conditions and by booking a place at the event all participants and spectators (and in the case of minors under the age of 18 their parents or guardians) agree in so booking that they have read and understand these terms and conditions and agree to be so bound. By signing the booking form or by booking online all parties warrant that they have the authority to so bind all parties named in that documentation. It is hereby declared that all parties (organisers, participants and spectators alike) understand that the safety and welfare of all in attendance at the event is paramount.


(2) All participants taking part in the martial arts seminar confirm that they have a valid martial arts licence and are covered by an appropriate martial arts insurance policy. In the event of any doubt, please check with your teacher to confirm cover.


(3) All fees and other monies due for any aspect of the event must be paid prior to commencement of the event and no refund of any monies will be made save at the sole discretion of the organisers. No booking or fee is transferable, without prior permission of the organisers.


(4) Parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for the actions and attitude of minors under the age of 18 at all times and should be within the confines of the training venue and contactable at all times when their charge/s is/are training. From the time when the participants are bowed in at any session to the time they are bowed out at the end of that session, the teachers and organisers assume responsibility for the welfare of participants only so far as matters are within their control. Responsibility for minors is only incumbent upon the organisers and/or teachers within those times and for such matters as are within the reasonable control of the organisers and/or 

teachers. Responsibility rests with the parent/guardian at all other times and in all other circumstances and parents/guardians are reminded that ultimate responsibility for the actions of their charges lies at all times with them.


(5) The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to the event.


(6) Any medical condition, disability or other matter or condition which may affect any participant whilst at the event must be notified to the organisers at the time of  booking or as soon as possible thereafter when any new matter arises. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for anything arising from any such condition, disability or matter not previously notified to them.


(7) Participants and spectators are responsible for the safety and security of their own belongings and valuables at all times and no claim may be made upon the organisers in respect thereof.


(8) Any concerns about any aspect of the event arising before commencement should be made known to the organisation as soon as possible, preferably in writing. Once the event commences, all parties will be informed who any concerns should be directed to in the first instance.


(9) Participants and spectators hereby agree to allow the organisers to photograph and/or film/video and/or sound record any aspect of the event either themselves or through any persons or companies authorised by them. Participants and spectators also hereby agree that any and all rights in respect of any and all of the images/recordings so made lie solely with the organisers. 


(10) All masters and teachers must be addressed by their title at all times. If you are not aware of a given teachers title, then ‘sensei’ will suffice.


(11)  Due respect must be shown to all senior grades at all times and any reasonable instructions issued by senior grades or relevant masters and teachers must be followed at all times.


(12) Everyone must bow when entering or leaving any designated area, and also when setting foot on a tatami (mat) area.


(13) Training may only take place in designated areas at designated times.


(14) All gi should be clean and in a good state of repair. No sponsorship may be displayed on gi. Participants not wearing traditional gi will be at the sole discretion of the organisers.


(15) Any person believed (in the sole discretion of the organisers) to be taking or have taken any illegal substance or to have taken an excessive level of alcohol shall be expelled from the event and may be reported to the police. In any event, no alcohol/ illegal substances are to be brought into the designated training/performance areas at any time.


(16) The organisers have the right to expel any participant or spectator for any breach of these terms by themselves or anyone in their care or charge. Any unreasonable and/or violent behaviour will result in expulsion from the event. In the unfortunate event of such an action being taken no refund of all or any part of any fee paid will be made.


  1. (17)Any complaints about the venue or accommodations should be raised directly with the venue management team. Kodō Butoku Renmei will have liaisons so that you can raise any grievance in this instance.

  1. (18)All sales of tickets, merchandise and any other goods are final. Any exchanges or changes are made at the sold discretion of the organiser.

(19) No pro-rata refunds will be made if you can only attend a portion of the seminar.

(20) Any data collected through the Kodōsai online web page or via contact with us can be used for marketing purposes unless you contact us to opt out.


(21) Kodō Butoku Renmei reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. This webpage will count as the published version of the terms and conditions.


(21) All decisions made by Kodō Butoku Renmei as organisers of the Kodōsai Cultural Event are final.

© Copyright Kodō Butoku Renmei 2017